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Why Us


Simple and Concise Tutorials

Learn modern web development in bite sized lessons. We made sure all of our lessons are short and sweet with the most up-to-date materials.


Distraction Free

Yes...There are plenty of resources available out there. Youtube lessons? Let's see how long can you resist the urge to click on those click-baity recommended videos. Plus, we don't serve ads, and we don't want your data so can 100% focus on what really matters.


Build your Future

We spent a lot of time designing and creating each course. We prioritise quality over quantity. Our mission is to provide the most easy-to-understand and concise online course for web development. Our lessons are prepared just like the ones we wished we had years ago.

Our Courses

Python for Everyone
Getting started with Python
If you have no idea what programming is all about, here is a great starting point!
Intermediate Python
Mastering the art of Python.
Take your Python skills to the next level. Python can do much more than you think.
Javascript from Scratch
For Absolute Beginner
The building block of all websites, from scratch. Learn the fundamentals to build amazing web apps.
Javascript: Digging Deeper
Deep dive into the quirks and features of JS.
Go beyond the basics. Explore the language in more details and understand how the internet works.
Javascript: Digging Deeper II
All the advanced feature that you need to know.
Not for the faint-hearted, but after finishing this course, you can proudly call yourself a Javascript expert.
Level Up Laravel
Laravel Bits and Pieces
A collection of small but effective Laravel lessons that boost your Laravel skills.
Laravel API Server
Build a robust API server with Laravel, from scratch.
Building API endpoints has become a fundamental requirement in modern web app. In this series I will guide you, step by step, on how to build a robust API server using Laravel.

Simple, Straight-forward Pricing

Get unlimited access to all of our courses for a small monthly fee!

Monthly $15
All current and future courses.
Members-only content.
No ads. Ever.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.
Members-only Discord channel.
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Craft real world projects.


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